Centennial Goals

The goal during the 100th anniversary of the Spears School is to celebrate the school’s past while projecting a clear vision for the future. The objectives of the celebration are to:

  • Reconnect with Spears School alumni.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of Spears School students, faculty and alumni over the past 100 years.
  • Raise pride in faculty, staff, students and alumni in past accomplishments, present initiatives and future plans.
  • Raise local, state, national and international awareness of the Spears School’s contributions and success stories.
  • Enhance the professional reputation and visibility of the Spears School.
  • Establish a network and encourage communication between and among Spears School students, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Encourage participation by alumni during centennial celebration events throughout the year.
  • Encourage participation in the new business building fundraising campaign as we look forward with anticipation to the groundbreaking in 2014.

For questions regarding the events, please contact cepd@okstate.edu.