Remembering Faculty


Wilton T. (Andy) Anderson
Lanny G. Chasteen
Milton F. Usry Jr.
William S. Houston Jr.
G. Michael Crooch
Gerald M. Lage
Germain B. Boer

Graduate study at OSU was an exceptionally worthwhile endeavor. The faculty was superb and the intellectual challenge was as difficult as anything as I have done since. There were so many top professors.

Many thanks to Dr. Andy Anderson and Dr. Lanny Chasteen for accepting me into the MS-Accounting program. Appreciation to Dr. Milton Usry for his thoughtful advanced cost accounting seminars, which I drew on the concepts for 30 years.

Hats off to Bill Houston who taught me income tax research skills (and that I was better suited for auditing and controllership!). Drs. Mike Crooch and Chasteen get very high marks for the far-sighted seminars in accounting theory as they introduced the students to advanced topics such as exit value accounting which became standard accounting practice in the last decade such as used in fair value and market value accounting.

Dr. Gerald Lage helped make advanced microeconomics not only understandable but practical. Over the decades I have been fortunate to work with graduates of many of the most prestigious business schools but have never once found myself at a disadvantage.

Space limits my musings but I must not overlook Dr. Germaine Boer, who as my mentor and boss (I was his grad assistant) was the most demanding professor, coach or manager I have encountered in my career. He helped me understand cost accounting in service industries, the level of commitment it takes to excel in top-level academic pursuits and how to write effectively.

- Robert Kelly (1976)

L. Lee Manzer

My most vivid memories of my time at Spears include last-minute homework preparation in the downstairs computer lab, realizing Marketing is the most interesting business subject as long as Dr. Lee Manzer is teaching it, sitting with my future wife outside the Watson Trading Floor, and the rush of populating my final answer on my last final exam knowing my life would be forever changed based on the experiences at Spears. I have my career and my beautiful wife because of this special place. Cheers to the last 100 years and to the next 100 years!

- Matt Jeffery (2003)

Milton F. Usry Jr.

Dr. Usry taught both Cost Accounting I and Cost Accounting II. He combined his valuable industry experience with the foundations of cost accounting when lecturing in the classroom. I remember being in awe as a young student because he was the co-author of our textbook. Dr. Usry was also my advisor. He was always respectful of students in class and welcomed us to meet with him in his office if we needed further explanation. He was always supportive and encouraged me to pursue an MBA at OSU. I was always impressed that he was the co-author of our text book. Dr. Usry is truly a scholar and a gentleman.

- Ron Bussert (bachelor’s 1978, MBA 1979)

Arnola Ownby

Dr. Arnola Ownby was the quintessential role model for young women aspiring to become business leaders. She was a tough educator who demonstrated humor and caring while holding us to a high standard. Always willing to lend a helping hand, thoughtful ear, and sage advice, she was highly respected both by students and colleagues.

- Cynthia E Rolfe (bachelor’s 1970, master’s 1975, Ed.D 1983)

Joseph M. Jadlow

Dr. Jadlow’s Anti-Trust class was one of the most compelling courses I took during my tenure at Spears. The case law and legal proceedings reviewed in this course set the tone for my career as a contract manager. It was always a pleasure to come back to Stillwater and occasionally spot Dr. Jadlow enjoying retirement and sipping a cup of coffee at Aspen. Thanks Dr. Jadlow for leaving a positive legacy at the Spears School of Business. Happy 100th Spears!

- Matt Jeffery (2003)

L. Lee Manzer

I had Dr. Manzer for Intro to Marketing. I absolutely loved his class. It was by far my favorite class in all 4 years of college. He took real life stories and incorporated them in the classroom. The class was at 7 in the morning and he definitely made it worth waking up and coming to class!!!

- Kristin Story (2010)

Michael A. Hitt

Dr. Hitt was my management professor and thesis advisor. For one management graduate class final, Dr. Hitt gave each class member a blue book and told us to write down everything we had learned in his class that semester. There was first stunned silence and then suddenly furious writing. I will never forget it.

- Leslie Woolley (BS 1975; MBA 1976)

Rick Wilson

I remember Dr. Wilson sitting in his office with tons of papers all arbitrarily placed but there was a method to that madness. I walked into his office one day distraught with the slow progress of my Ph.D. He smiled one of his ever knowing smiles and gave me a pep talk, and suddenly everything seemed better. He still has that quality in him … to make everything better. I have long graduated but couldn’t have done it without him. I will take being a graduate teaching associate under his tutelage any day!

- Dr Deepa Ray (2007)

Keith D. Willett

Dr. Willett was always so laid back, even when he taught my Managerial Econ class, but what stood out to me the most was that he actually seemed to care. He always took the time to chat with me. No matter if it was after class, at lunch, during office hours, or at the convenience store, Dr. Willett took time out of his day for a random Economics student. Even when I came back to visit after I had graduated, he remembered my name, where my parents lived, and what they did for a living. Not many professors in a big university give that kind of personal touch to what they do. He was one of the few professors that I felt would write me a letter of recommendation about me, and not just my grade in his class. I will be forever grateful for his mentorship and his friendship.

- Taylor Haines (2007)

Goutam Chakraborty

I remember Dr Chakraborty from both my data mining class as well as research method class during my PhD. Amazingly succinct in his approach to teaching. His classes were like Master classes….where you understood the concept and it’s application equally well. Teaching statistical/number oriented classes are hard….but he was outstanding…By far one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life! Kudos to you!

- Dr. Deepa Ray (2007)

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